Men and Woman in France or Why French Men Make Lousy Lovers

As a French woman, I have to admit that in the past, I often found myself more irritated and outraged than I first wanted to admit when I heard critics talking or writing about France and the French. No one likes to endure their own country being criticized most particularly the French, who undergo a painful brainwashing beginning as early as 2,5 y/o when they are thrust into a soul-crushing education system.

Everywhere, from the media to classrooms, we’re told over and over again that we’re privileged citizens of the country of Enlightement, reason, Art and excellence – the French are the acme of human biological evolution. And we don’t hear much objective feedback from “outside”, because education and politics make sure that the French don’t learn to speak other languages properly and thus, access to international sources is very limited. Believe it or not, the French attitude is that we’re the lighthouse of the world so why should we bother to learn other languages, when everybody should speak French? Never mind that the French are only about 70 million people out of 7 BILLION. And so, French people are isolated and mind controlled by a political / educational system that does not have their best interests at heart; further, they defend it to the death!

This isolation from the rest of the world keeps the the masses of French people almost totally ignorant of many things going on “out there”, like the latest research in essential fields, such as psychology and health (France is living in the Dark Ages in these fields).

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